Dive shops and Instructors with training groups should call for custom pricing. If your group is less than six passengers you can still charter the boat, and if you would like, we will fill the remaining spots with our regular customers who will dive at the drop of a hat. If you prefer a less crowded boat, when you pay the full charter fee, the boat is yours to decide who is aboard. On days where our calendar shows “Open Seating”, you can book spots individually.

Call for details: 252-646-9644

Base Charter Rates not including fuel:


Length of Time

# of Tanks


Single Seat Price

1.) Half Day Inshore  single dive site

5 hours

2 tanks



2.) Regular Day Inshore multiple sites

8 hours

2-3 tanks



3.) Regular Day Offshore

8 hours

2 Tanks



4.) Extended Day Offshore

10-12 hours

2/3 Tanks



  1. Half day inshore trips are usually 2 full dives with a one hour surface interval and generally an hour run to the dive site and one hour back. Half day inshore trips will usually be afternoon trips leaving the dock at 3:30.
  2. Regular Day inshore is less boat riding and more diving. The sites are 55-70 deep and less than 20 miles from the inlet, so you get less boat riding, more bottom time and less surface interval. We also burn much less fuel than the offshore trips.  Trip departs at 7:00 am and returns to the dock at 3:00 pm.
  3. Regular day offshore trips are for dive sites within 35 miles of the inlet, and include two NDL dives and a 2 hour surface interval. No decompression diving is allowed. Departure time for Regular day is usually 7 am and returns to the dock around 4:00 pm. Upon customer request, we can depart earlier and steam to the dive sight in the dark for a dawn dive.
  4. Extended Day offshore trips can either be 3 tanks on the sites normally visited in the regular day, or to the distant sites on the east side of Cape Lookout shoals or Southwest toward Frying Pan Shoals for two tanks.  You have us for the whole day, you decide if you want to leave early or return late
  5. Totally Custom Dive day, including deco dives……Call the Captain, let’s talk about it!


50% deposit is due within 10 days of making the reservation. The remainder, including the fuel charge for the trip is due when we return to the dock.