Charter Tortuga

Tortuga Charters is committed to limiting our passenger load to six or fewer. With this policy, we deliver a higher level of personal customer service and allow our customers to design their own dive trip. Unlike the larger crew boats with 20+ divers aboard, where you often must dive a site that is dictated to you based on the desires of large groups on the boat, our charters allow the customer to decide.

Tortuga provides custom dive charters. Your group will charter the entire boat. This ensures that you will know the other divers on the trip, adding an enhanced level of safety and enjoyment. We base the day’s activities totally on the your desires, doing everything within our power to ensure that our customers get the personalized dive experience they deserve. We are available to take you to the lesser known, infrequently visited dive sites, where you can explore without bumping into other divers around every bend.

If you are just looking for a couple of seats, we do run a limited number of open seating days where you can meet new dive friends.

 Come and experience the Tortuga difference.

To make your reservation now, call 252-646-9644 or email

Voicemail messages and emails will hold your spot for 24 hours

Check the Charter Calendar for Availability

“Open Seating dates with 6 spots open can be chartered as a whole boat”