The Captain

Captain James Rosemond has been running boats his entire life. Tortuga Charters is the manifestation of a lifelong dream, to make a living on the water and bring his love of the sea to his customers. After 25 years of Sales and Business Management, James decided to turn his skills towards an endeavor that incorporated his life long passion, being on the ocean.

For years, his recreational passion has been to take friends and family to sea. After running boats in pursuit of offshore species using rod and reel fishing and free dive spearfishing from North Carolina to Florida and the Bahamas, Captain James decided to get the proper training to strap a tank of compressed air to his back. It was then that he discovered an entirely new way of enjoying the ocean.

James is a  licensed United States Coast Guard Captain with 50 Ton Masters credentials and a certified PADI Dive Master with hundreds of open ocean dives. Captain James is uniquely qualified to deliver his customers to and from the dive site or fishing grounds safely with the utmost enjoyment. The Captain is always willing to share his love of the ocean, and specifically the North Carolina coast with his rich and plentiful stories. Tortuga is an open vessel, so feel free to engage the Captain in conversation. James has always drawn upon his love of story telling to communicate with others.

An avid writer of short stories for personal recollection through the years, at 48 years old, he decided to write and publish a book titled “Hiding on the Bottom.” It is a humorous and anecdotal look at his transition from Sportfisherman to Scuba diver.

You can purchase the book at the link above or ask Captain James for a copy after your dive.

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