Carolina Anchor Line Rig

Like most North Carolina Dive Boats, our crew deploys a line system called the Carolina Rig that gives divers an underwater path to and from the wreck or reef site. The anchor is always tied to the wreck or ledge by the mate, and the hang line is designed so that divers can enter the water, descend directly to the hang line and follow it to the main anchor line. From there, divers follow the anchor line to the bottom, take a reference note and begin the dive.

We recommend following the rule of thirds on all dives for gas management, and divers should return to the anchor after the dive with 1/3 of the tank’s capacity remaining for the ascent and safety stop. The hang line is directly below the boat at 15′ for divers to complete the safety stop before ascending to the ladder and coming back aboard. Should you reach the hand line without enough gas in your tank to complete a 3-5 minute stop, we hang a┬ásecond stage regulator attached at 15′ as an emergency solution. We would prefer you use the hang regulator and complete your stop than ascend to the boat and miss your stop. Always remember to leave enough gas in the tank on your back to make a 30 second ascent from the hangline at 15′.