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Welcome to Tortuga Charters website, and more specifically the Captain’s Corner.

It all started over 50 years ago, when James Kenneth Rosemond’s love of the ocean, and specifically the North Carolina coast began. I was born in Wilmington, NC at the end of the summer of 1958 while my father, then a student at UNC worked as the day manager of the Wrightsville Beach Yacht club. My love for the ocean began early in the summer of that year, even though I did not officially come into this world until the very end of the summer. “That baby is never going to come” the patrons would say to my mother, bronze from a pregnant summer in the sun, “it is fried to your back bone.”

I spent the next few summers there, and have black and white pictures of me sitting in the sun wearing a sailor’s cap, with a toy corn cob pipe and a nose covered in white zinc oxide. I have never been happier than when I can see the horizon of the sea, and it all started way back when.

Tortuga Charters is my attempt to fuse passion and professionalism, to make a living going to sea. I hope you will come and join me, either on the boat and under the water, or vicariously through my blogs, which I hope will come together as a book someday.¬† In the summer of 2006 I published¬† “Hiding on the Bottom”

I hope you will follow along as I live and chronicle this wonderful experience, and some of you will actually become subject matter for my stories.

Until then, you can read all of my blogs at the links below or in the categories section on the menu to the right.

Thank you for visiting.

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