Tortuga Charter’s Value Proposition

At Tortuga Charters our mission is simple. To provide the best possible North Carolina diving experience to our customers on a daily basis. That means that we try to customize each trip to meet the desires of the divers on the boat on any particular day. That is where “Custom Charters” comes into play. We tailor our destinations based on the desires and capability of our customers for that day and since we only carry a maximum of six passengers, we try to make sure everyone on the boat is of similar experience and capability. Whether it is a group of historical wreck divers, deep technical, spearfishermen or intermediate divers, if everyone on the boat for the day is of a similar mindset then each individual’s experience will be a positive one. We try to be as relaxed as possible and offer a high degree of flexibility. We will never rush you because we are on a schedule.

We feel Tortuga Charters offers a high value to cost ratio to our customers. Admittedly, our pricing of $155 per person for regular offshore days and $195 per person for technical and extended days is 25% higher than the larger operations in North Carolina. The larger boats have climate controlled cabins, hot showers and many other amenities that Tortuga does not have. They offer a fine value for the prices they charge. The reality is that it is not an apples and oranges comparison. With only six divers on Tortuga, you will have more personal space on the boat and on the dive site. And although we can never promise a destination because of a myriad of variables, the chances of doing the dives you came to do are much higher. It is for that reason, we think we offer the highest value per dollar spent. Give us a try and we think you will agree.

Captain James