Spear fishing Charters are welcome on Tortuga. We can customize your charter to target any number of species common to the waters of the Crystal Coast. We have a large inventory of both inshore and off shore locations to fulfill all of your hunting expectations and give you the opportunity to fill your cooler with fresh fish.

Our Coast is home to the same ledge structure that runs the entire southeast coast. Rinsed in warm, clean gulf stream water, our ledge and reef system is teaming with life. Hunting depths range from 60-120fsw. These areas receive very little, if any spear fishing pressure. Red, Gag, and Snowy Grouper, Hog Snapper, Red Snapper, Amberjack, Cobia and lobster are frequently targeted on the deeper ledges.

Tautog, Sheepshead, Spadefish and Flounder can be found on the shallower inshore structure, as well as Amberjack and Cobia. Tortuga has a blanket fishing license so you do not need one, even if you are from out of state. The boat has two large fish boxes, and we provide all the ice needed to keep your catch cold and fresh until we get back to the dock.

Tortuga Spear fishing trips are custom trips. You decide the depths you want to dive and the species targeted. If you want to do six drops on 3 tanks, then that is what you will get. All we ask is that you dive safely and stay within NDL’s.

We require the following certifications and experience to dive with us:

  • Inshore- 30’-60’ Open Water and 20 logged dives, at least 2 dives from a boat in the ocean.
  • Offshore 90-120’ Advanced Open Water/deep dive specialty with at least 30 logged dives and 4 at depths in excess of 100’. EANx certification is highly encouraged.

For all dives, previous spear fishing experience is recommended unless accompanied by a divemaster guide.

For deeper dives we highly recommend larger capacity tanks of at least 100cf and require the use of a dive computer and/or tables and a reliable timing device. We are a recreational dive operation and require the practice of buddy diving, as well as diving within the No Decompression Limits. Our customer safety is our #1 concern, but your safety while diving is 100% your responsibility.

Game Species

Captain James with a nice cobia